Impressive French drama and a Film Quiz

Impressive French drama and a Film Quiz

Robert Tanitch reviews the latest DVDs

Custody (Picture House Entertainment) is an impressive debut for Xavier Legrand who directs this excellent French parental thriller which has won many awards and keeps the viewer on edge, nervous that something not very nice is going to happen at any minute. An unstable divorcé (Denis Ménochet), given to violent Behaviour, wants to find out where his frightened ex-wife (Léa Drucker) lives and uses their 12-year-old son (Thomas Gioria), over whom they have joint custody, to find out.. Ménochet physically looks very dangerous and when the violence erupts it is truly frightening.

Film Quiz

I thought you might enjoy a film quiz. All the questions are based on the DVDs I have reviewed in the last four months.

  1. What was the 1925 Monkey Trial about and what was the name of the famous American lawyer for the defence?
  2. Frances McDormand won an Oscar for her role in what film?
  3. Who wrote the Dam Busters march?
  4. What was Winston Churchill’s Darkest Hour and who played Churchill?
  5. R. C. Sherriff wrote a play about life in the trenches in World War 1 which has been filmed. What is it called?
  6. Laurence Olivier played a washed-up music hall comedian in what film?
  7. What was the name of the movie Sydney Poitier and Tony Curtis appeared in together and what was it about?
  8. A Very English Scandal was about whom and who played the lead role?
  9. In which country is The Piano set and what impediment did the heroine have?
  10. The film is called It Happened Here. Where is Here? And what happened?
  11. A murderer became an internationally famous ornithologist. Name the film. Name the lead actor.
  12. Where did the Sun King live and when?
  13. Tom Jones. Who wrote the novel? Who played Tom Jones?
  14. What was the greatest show on earth and who was the showman?

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