A wine choice for whatever the weather

A wine choice for whatever the weather

Paula Goddard’s Wines of the Week starting 1st July 2019

Hot or cold. Wet or dry. The weather so far this year is proving unpredicatable. Which doesn’t help when deciding what wines to get in to match the ever changing food choices that unseasonal frosts or frazzle can bring. But be assured there is a wine choice whatever the weather.

The easiest wine buying policy is to get in three basic wine types: a white that you can keep in the fridge for hot weather drinking, a light red that matches any food type from pizza to boeuf bourguignon, and a single bottle of something expensive to open when you are feeling extravagent or the need to ignore the world.

So what are these wines?

Well winebox whites wines, of any sort, are the best bet for a cold fridge standby. Available at all supermarkets, these come in 2.25 litre (4 bottles) or 3 litre (6 bottles) sizes and sit neatly on the top shelf if you turn them sideways on to their longest side. These can be enjoyed a glass at a time thanks to the one-way dispensing tap that only allows wine out and not the oxidising air in (well almost of it) – which is what makes wine go flat and eventually into vinegar.

For light and fruity reds you may go for another winebox of Merlot or French Red, but standard wine in bottles is available in the form of regional blends of several red grape varieties. These are often overlooked by wine snobs looking for big names and if you have no need of fancy labels then a Douro red from Portugal or a Rioja from Spain will do nicely.

For a bottle of extravagence then why not choose a wine that gives flavour after flavour in a complex mix of tongue tinglers – such as Davida Spanish red made from Grenache grapes (£8 Co-op) or Tesco’s sweetest sherry, their PX Pedro Ximinez at £6 that tastes of best fruit cake and Veno’s cough syrup.

If that is too complicated then perhaps forget the wine and just go for a bottle of whisky instead – blends rather than single malts offer better value and a less risky purchase when you don’t know whether you’ll like it. Try Black Bottle Blended (£15), Glen Moray Sherry Cask (£18) or Whyte & Mackey (£20).

There’s always a drink to enjoy whatever the weather.

PG Wine Reviews

Sentador Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
£6 Co-op
Light plum and cherry choc with raspberry and a bit of spice.

Bethany Old Vine Grenache 2013. Australia
£10 Co-op
An old wine that tastes lightly of blackcurrant and marzipan.

Banfi San Angelp Italian Pinot Grigio 2017
£17.99 Loki Wines, Birmingham
Apple crumble with a bit of lemon and lime marmalade.

Jansz Premium Rosé sparkling Brut NV, Tasmania
£19.99 Waitrose, Booths and independents
White bread and runny honey with apple and melon. Very light fizziness.

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