Lidl’s Spring Wine Tour collection

Lidl’s Spring Wine Tour collection

Paula Goddard’s Wines of the Week starting 1st April 2019

Lidl’s Spring Wine Tour collection is available now with 29 new European wines ranging in price from £4.99 to £14.99. There are six Wine Tour releases spaced through the year, these wines are available in addition to Lidl’s standard wine mix but can only be bought while stocks last. So get in now for your first choices.

This Spring Tour sees 9 new white wines ranging from the £4.99 Portuguese Paco do Bispo Palmela to the £7.99 Alsace Pinot Blanc/Pinot Gris blend; one champagne at £14.99; 2 Spanish rosés (£4.99 and £5.49); fifteen reds starting at £5.69 for an Italian Negromaro and going up to £7.99 for a Beaujolais and a Côtes du Rhone; plus 2 sweet wines (a Hungarian Tokaji and a Spanish Moscatel).

The best bargain has to be the cheapest wine in the collection – the £4.99 Portuguese white Paco do Bispo Palmela. This wine keeps popping up the Lidl Wine Tour, having been in the 2017 and 2016 collections, and is here again with its fresh fruity flavours of pear and apple.

The other must-have is the French red Jamais Renoncer from the Côtes du Roussillon at £5.99. A complex wine at an excellent price with creamy plum and violet flavours that can also be seen for sale across the sea at French branches of Carrefor at 6.95 euros – which is pretty much the same price as Lidl is selling it for at today’s monetary conversion rates, give or take a pence or two.

So perhaps the wine run to Calais won’t be needed just yet.

PG Lidl Spring Wine Tour Reviews

Paco do Bispo Palmela, Portuguese white
A fresh and fruity white with pear and apple flavours.

La Bien Pintá, Verdejo 2017, Spanish white
A soft and fresh white that tastes of peach, melon and apple.

Expression de Saint Mont Récolte 2016, French white
Aromatic but light with pineapple, melon and pear.

Jamais Renoncer 2017, French red
Quite rich but initially creamy with plum and violets, then ending on an astringent edge that gets your taste buds going.

Duca di Sasseta Serpasso 2016, Italian red
Fruity and concentrated with flavours of blackcurrant, cherry and dark chocolate.

Torre de Ferro Reserva 2016, Portuguese red
Creamy plum and cherry with some raspberry and a green leaf edge. Complex.

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