Our NHS problems can be resolved

The Accident & Emergency services are not there as a cushion to sober up those that would knowingly and deliberately consume so much alcohol, firstly damaging kidney and liver, but there again that is their problem, as is smoking which affects the individual’s lungs, and those within close proximity.

In the 50s young men during their national service would partake in alcohol, on arriving back at barracks intoxicated thrown into the cooler…for those that do not understand the guardhouse until morning, where you would be placed on a charge for being drunk and disorderly, and confined to barracks for 7 or 14 days.

In addition, the landlord of the public house, had a Duty of Care still applicable today to ensure when enough alcohol had been consumed by the customer, and  politely refused any more drink, and persuaded to leave the premises.

65 years on, and of recent, ambulances are used in place of taxis to convey people home after a bingeing night, or that paralytic, taken to A&E where many abuse not only the ambulance crew but the staff at the hospital. Wasting precious time for those that need medical attention.

Also as shown on television a special service is run in the city of London to clear the streets of drunks, as unfortunately most public houses are owned by conglomerates, and only interest is profit, leaving the state to pick up the tab… ask yourself…is this right.

To most the answer will be no, so let us enforce legislation that has been in force for decades and prosecute licensees who knowingly supply alcohol to those who are already heavily intoxicated, with fines starting at £5,000, and a 2nd offence means imprisonment, and loss of licence.

Initial thoughts are, the Chancellor accumulates a fortune from the sale of alcohol, and would most probably be the wedge between abuse and justice.

David Cameron in his manifesto promised not to interfere with the NHS, and slowly fragmenting “Our NHS” before our eyes, despite his boasts he firmly believes in the service. A large part of the NHS is currently dealt with in the private sector, who literally abuse financially the public purse, as those in charge of the buying do not take the time to get the best deal, or haggle, why? Because it is not their money… It is ours.

For what it is worth, Jeremy Hunt MP the Health Minister with cooperation from other colleagues within the Cabinet, set to decimate our National Health Service.

We have already seen it raise its ugly head, and with the closure of many hospitals, and A&E departments, the public at large will forget the clever moves, and when the time is right, which many of the public will not object, knowing it will still be free at point of delivery, turned a blind eye to privatisation even further incorporating A&E services, which each day brought about by the fear of having to go to hospital, will unless one steps back and looks at the bigger picture realise this is what is going on.

There is an old saying Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey do not be sucked in by politicians of all parties policies, who are literally using once again Our NHS as a political football, to get your vote, remember they need your vote. But the politicians could not care one iota about you and your concerns and Our NHS, their only concern is to remain in power, to continue to line their pockets with public money.

Finally after the election and all the promises, as we have seen so many times, when in power blame the party before them for all the mistakes, and broken promises, in addition they should all seek medical attention as the day following the election, all suffer with severe amnesia, until a few months before the next election, just remember this, and do not get caught like a MONKEY.

by Dale Quentin