Move it or lose it!

Move it or lose it!

Top UK experts are on a mission to improve the lives of older adults and create hundreds of jobs nationwide.

Leading experts in ageing research have announced a new initiative to significantly improve the lives of older adults and, simultaneously, create hundreds of jobs across the county. A brand new training scheme has been established which aims to combat sedentary behaviour in older adults and tackle the loneliness and social isolation that effects thousands of people nationwide.

There is overwhelming evidence of the significant benefits of physical activity for older adults to improve musculoskeletal function, mobility and wellbeing. Yet, latest research reports that only 7% of adults aged over 75 meet the minimum recommended levels of activity every week. Currently, adult care accounts for one of every three pounds spent by Birmingham City Council. But, the scale of the cuts before us is unprecedented meaning poorer care and outcomes for the frail and most vulnerable amongst us.

To promote the benefits of physical activity and improve the uptake and adherence to exercise for older, frailer adults we have teamed up with Move it or Lose it! to offer a training course for chair-based exercise which is endorsed by the MRC-ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research at University of Birmingham.

Unique to our course is input from world leading researchers in how ageing affects the musculoskeletal system and how exercise can help older adults stay healthy in old age. It is open to anyone, as no formal qualifications are required, simply the desire to work with and improve the lives of older people within our communities.

Move it or Lose it! founder and presenter, Julie Robinson is a collaborating partner at the Centre of Excellence and an award-winning instructor. She was chosen to train new instructors nationwide to help motivate older adults to move more in a fun and safe environment. She says, “It is vital to keep older adults fit for life and ensure they enjoy their later years and don’t simply endure them”.

All enquiries should be directed to or our freephone number 0800 612 7785.