A letter from Roger Braga – Scams

A letter from Roger Braga – Scams

I have just read the recent article on scams affecting a lot of people today. I am 72 years old and have just managed to reclaim £345 taken out of my Tesco credit card account without my knowledge over a period of two years.

Like most people who don’t check their statements thoroughly, and I admit I was to blame for this, I could not understand why my account wasn’t going down as I thought it should. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a “coded” payment of £15 which I did not recognise.

Luckily I kept all my statements for the previous two years, and was able to calculate how much they had taken from my card, a total of £360. They initially offered to repay me £45, which I refused, demanding all my payments back – to cut a long story short I eventually got most of my money back.
I am writing this article to warn others that when paying by debit or credit card, make sure there is NO small print that requires a box to be ticked or unticked before you make payment.

This appears to be what happened to me. Credit card companies should be more careful when dealing with SCAMMERS, and they should be partially or wholly responsible for compensating victims, as they become part of the problem.

Roger Braga, Burnham on Crouch