Old miseries

Old miseries

I am writing in response to your “Letter of the month” March issue. I found it very hurtful and untrue to be classed as one of ‘A load of old miseries’.

I am very surprised that Mrs Nidder thinks of herself as ‘old’ seeing that she is still in her 60’s. I never thought of myself as old then or even when I was in my seventies! I wonder if in 15 years or so she will like to be referred to as being an ‘old misery’?

From her letter Mrs Nidder appears to have everything in her favour as regards health, an outstanding pension, meals out, a boyfriend, no worries and admitting to having a grand life. However, I note that there is no mention of doing any voluntary work or helping other folk less fortunate. I did this after retiring at the age of 60 until I was over 80 years old.

I am alone now and content and not one of the ‘load of old miseries’!

Mary Hearn, Rushden