A letter from Margaret Martin – Downsizing

A letter from Margaret Martin – Downsizing

I was very interested in the article about older people not wanting to move.

Downsizing is difficult and so is moving to be near children, as one has to leave a familiar area and perhaps brothers and sisters or friends. We managed to find a bungalow but had to buy it before we sold our own home and had to pay second home stamp duty. We had great difficulty claiming this back when we sold our first house seven months later.

Everything had to be done on the internet and we had to wait on our son to do it as we are in our eighties and not that good with computers. Now there is talk of capital gains tax if the sale of the first property takes over a certain time.

No one wants property sales to overlap as there is extra council tax to pay and also the worry about leaving an empty property.

Margaret Martin, Ilkley