Letters from Jacqueline Clive and Doreen May – Art appreciation

Letters from Jacqueline Clive and Doreen May – Art appreciation

I’ve just read your article in the Mature Times. I work in a library and we have this paper delivered each month. What drew my eye to your article were the images of the paintings and I went on to read what you had written.

I so agree with what you said about pictures not being visible in people’s homes, and to have just a bare white washed wall in your home is such a shame as prints can be so easily purchased at reasonable prices today, especially with the internet.

I have pictures in every room and they range from watercolour prints of Beatrix Potter, beautiful painted cards that I have framed to my favourite print called, ‘The Orangery’ by Charles Edward Perugini (who I later found out married Charles Dickins’ daughter!) I love this picture and never tire of it, it’s very tranquil and peaceful and has pride of place in my living room.

I do have intention of visiting one of the London galleries hopefully in the not too distant future.

Jacqueline Clive

I am writing to say on your request about paintings, I have a lovely collection in my two bedroomed flat. The only rooms that have none are the bathroom and kitchen. I am 90 years old now and I love my pictures.

Doreen May, Bristol