Lack of interesting TV programmes

Lack of interesting TV programmes

A few thoughts on my experiences of TV views over the festive period. Having reached the ripe old age of 68 and still relatively intact physically, I’m finding as the years go on, a lack of interesting TV programmes to watch.

Far too many repeats apart from some of the good old’uns like The Two Ronnies, Only Fools an Horses, Coast, and Richard Attenborough’s Natural World features. Perhaps I’m becoming a ‘bit long in the tooth.

I’m also finding the length of the adverts most annoying and if you add up the times they run, it’s half the one hour programme. Another thing that puts me off is the constant flashing of different images, several within a second, fast panning and zooming in and out.

I find I have to look away from the screen or close my eyes as this ‘modern’ form of imagery tends to make me feel dizzy and disoriented. Do any other readers experience the same problems?

Just how many more ‘reality’ programmes do we have to endure in the coming years, watching what seems like a never ending stream of half wits ‘interacting’ with each other and supposedly ‘entertaining’ the public.

It seems most of today’s TV producers/directors have been too long in their jobs and have drifted into a semi-‘couldn’t care less what they come up with’ so long as their pay cheques keep coming in.

I have over the past couple of years, thought of a great idea for a programme and hope to approach potential TV companies to see if there is any interest, we shall see…..

Hopefully other mature readers will air their views to see if they coincide with mine.

Roger Braga, Essex