I’m Getting Married in the morning

I’m Getting Married in the morning

Actually it’s not me it is my gorgeous daughter. The telephone rang a couple of days ago and Lauren said “Mummy, James has asked me to marry him” at which point I burst into tears and she did too! We cried for ages and then started the serious business of wedding planning.

James is everything and more that I wanted for my daughter. He is very good looking, has a great sense of humour (just as well if he is getting me as his mother in law!) and is potty about Lauren. In fact I have never seen a couple so much in love. I did ask her if he had got down on bended knee and apparently he did and also produced the most beautiful and ENORMOUS diamond ring. He certainly knows my daughters taste.

But now we have to get everything planned for the nuptials. There is one slight problem here, I have been married twice and both her father and step father were battling as to whom would walk her down the aisle. Rather like Meryl Streep in the film Mumma Mia. I kept well away from that decision it was up to Lauren to decide. She did point out that I would have two ex-husbands there, as if I didn’t know!

On the big day I have to be escorted to my place in the front pew and have the choice of one of my best friends or one of my cousins. They can work it out between themselves. I know which one I would prefer but am not going to join the fray there!

Obviously after that the first thing to do is to work out which church they would like and where the reception is to be held. I am staying out of this one. In fact I am trying very hard to hold back the suggestions I might make.

Choosing the dress is more important than anything else. Lauren would still look gorgeous if she walked down the aisle in a plastic bin bag. Okay I am obviously biased- I mean she was the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world and intelligent as well. She sailed through University gaining a 2.2 which is not to be sniffed at but she did work hard.

So we have started looking at dresses, obviously it has to be one that makes her look like a princess. We made appointments with the top designers and the choice was overwhelming as were the prices! I did have to stop my jaw dropping but tried to look as if they were quite normal for our budget. If only they knew.

The choosing of bridesmaids is a horrendous task .Who would be the most miffed if left out? Should there be two or four? Lauren has decided that she would have two big ones and two little ones. Their dresses have to be taken into account. Finding a style that would suit them all is very tricky never mind the shoes.

Lauren has been a bridesmaid three times and the shoes were always the greatest problem  getting satin shoes dyed to match their frocks is not easy I can tell you.

The seating of the newlyweds and various fathers at the top table at the reception is going to give James and Lauren huge headaches. Huh! I am okay I am mother of the bride so will be sitting next to James and the rest of them can sort themselves out. However if I don’t sit next to my new son-in-law blood might be shed.

And what about my frock? I worked in the fashion industry and have kept a lot of my classic clothes and hats. So I went up to the attic and found a wonderful Jean Muir red dress and a huge black hat. So that is me sorted unless Lauren doesn’t like it. Sorry Darling but I am going to wear it regardless of what you think after all everyone will be looking at you rather than me!

Hair and make-up is essential on the big day but I am hoping that when the lovely people who are doing Lauren might just squeeze me in too. I obviously don’t want to let the bride down! I have to confess that the wedding is in six months time so there will be a lot more to come.

Just watch this space and wish me good luck.