Finding love is just a click away

Finding love is just a click away

Matters of the heart are anything but simple. And when you are over 50 there are unique challenges to finding that special someone.

The rise of online dating has helped thousands of people find their soulmate, with more people than ever before settling down with someone they met thanks to the wonders of the online world. And despite usually being seen as a ‘young person’s game’, online dating is anything but. More over 50s than ever before are turning their attentions to the online dating world in order to find that special someone. And thanks to a new online dating platform dedicated to matching mature love-seekers, that is now easier than ever.

Maturity Dating is a brand new dating site, specifically designed for mature adults seeking their soulmate. Launched in September this year by the owner of 50-dating, the site boasts over 1 million active members, all looking to find the pea to their pod.

When you get to your later years, you may have already spent decades on the dating scene, experiencing highs and lows, so you will usually know what you want and not want to waste time. And the team at Maturity Dating understands this. Finding love later in life can offer up its own set of challenges if you’re new to the dating game. Looking for love later in life is incredibly different to finding ‘the one’ at a younger age, but in order to help those looking for a partner, the team has created an easy to use, fool-proof platform that allows more mature members of the population find love in their own time and at their own pace.

The completely free dating website is designed to bring together vibrant senior singles in a safe and secure environment, that is also inherently friendly and fun. The website doesn’t take up valuable time, which according to the founder of Mature Dating, allows users to keep up their important commitments to work, family and friends.

The website works just like any other dating site, so it will appear familiar to those who have used them before. Those interested in finding a partner can simply browse the member galleries to see if anyone catches their eye, before striking up a conversation. However Maturity Dating is committed to getting the right match for people, so users can also use unique filters, such as physical match, location match, soulmate match, and for those particularly interested in astrology, there’s also a star sign match.

Users can rest assured that Maturity Dating is one of the safest dating sites out there. All new member profiles are checked by a member of staff who ensures they are who they say they are. The site also provides a myriad of safety tips for dating – both online and offline – to make sure users understand the dangers, but also feel safe and secure enough to have fun and are open to finding love.