How to Decorate Your Home This Easter

How to Decorate Your Home This Easter

Easter represents a once-a-year opportunity to put your decor skills to good use, turning familiar rooms into a festive delight for the senses. Whether we’re talking about ornamental decorations, candles, scents or irresistible cuisine, Easter is a holiday that lends itself to home decor and, since many people are stuck at home at the moment, now is a fantastic time to get creative. We thought we’d offer some suggestions to help you get started.

Use colour and decor to create the perfect Easter atmosphere

Let’s start off with some visual ideas to style your home for the occasion, like pastels. This is partly because edible eggs traditionally come in light pinks and blues. Blending accessories such as table mats and chair covers with the colour of festive sweets tends to work well as a result. Muted pastels are a good way to capture both themes. However, we can do better than adding a few pastel cushions or throws. To create a magical Easter interior, we also need to add the right mix of accessories and ornaments. Fortunately, thanks to several retailers offering home delivery (Wayfair is always a reliable option), there’s no shortage of options. Consider a mixture of the following:
• Easter bouquets – Flowers bring colour and beautiful scents to homes, highlighting the focus on all things fresh and spring-like. Traditional flowers for Easter centrepieces and vases include lilies, tulips, daffodils and yellow roses – all of which come into bloom around March and April.
• Bunny ornaments – Rabbits and Easter go together like Santa and Christmas. Bunny figurines placed on mantelpieces bring a dash of humour to any room and, if you pick the right figures, they can hold baskets filled with chocolate or other sweets as well.
• Hanging decorations – It’s also possible to find hanging ornaments for Easter featuring festive symbols such as eggs and bunnies. Let your imagination run wild when finding a place to put them; they can hang from lamps, cupboards or bushes in the garden (where they could be perfect for Easter Egg hunts).

Fuse your culinary and decorative skills

Now you’ve got the ornaments and fabrics sorted, move onto decorations that are not only a treat for the taste buds but are also easy on the eyes. There are plenty of ways to whip up festive dishes that are as decorative as they are delectable. One of the best ideas is to make “meringue eggs” as a light but satisfying dessert. Meringue is a simple recipe to master and forming it into open egg-shaped containers is fairly easy. Add some lemon curd to the centre and – voila – the result is an egg-themed dessert that’s imaginative, fun and tasty. Alternatively, you might whip up some chocolate birds’ nests from Rice Krispies, put an egg or two on top of freshly made cupcakes or employ your marzipan skills to make some cute sheep, chickens, or bunnies to adorn the table. In any case, the kitchen is a wonderful place to make seasonal decorations using ingredients that most people will have in their pantries.

Decorate your home in dazzling style this Easter

Complement a succulent lamb roast and oodles of Easter eggs with home decorations that suit the season. As we’ve seen, there are a few creative ideas to think about, and they should be within anybody’s reach. Buying a few soft furnishings in pastel colours, arranging hanging decorations, and using your kitchen wizardry to create edible Easter treats are just a few possibilities. So get cracking, put your creativity to work, and enjoy decorating your home in a style that rises to the occasion.