All in a good cause

I am getting really fed up with plastic bags being pushed through my letter box asking me to fill them up with unwanted goods to give to charity. I pride myself on not having stuff I don’t need and have a clear out when I think I need to. I object to being pressurised into donating to a charity that I know nothing about and I like to choose who, if anyone gets my unwanted stuff.

I used to save my old clothes and bric-a-brac for the church jumble sale, but they don’t seem to have them anymore so now I keep a box in my garage with charity shop donations and every so often I take the box to my favourite charity shop.

I know I can ignore the bag and usually I just leave it outside, but then my front garden looks messy.

My friend uses the bags as bin liners and sells her stuff on Ebay.  Perhaps I should be more like her, but that does not seem very charitable but she says “charity begins at home”.

What do other mature readers do?

Mrs Jennings, Nottingham