Gay weddings should be welcomed by Christians

Gay weddings should be welcomed by Christians

Gay weddings ought to be welcomed, for they will enable the Christian Churches to move on in their spiritual development instead of getting caught up in endless debates about sex and gender.

This release of new energies could be used to explore other topics such as elevating the status of those who are without a family, without children or who are single or celibate.

Today’s Christians surely do not want any more conferences on sexuality. Nor do we wish to witness yet more youngsters speaking tearfully and shamefully about their own same-sex attractions.

Gayness should be now to be regarded as of no more consequence than left-handedness. And surely it needs no longer to be a factor in confessing or counselling?

Churchgoers should therefore rejoice that within the modern world love can now be expressed in so many and varied ways.

It would be wrong for us to continue to cling on to old prejudices, misunderstandings and injustices. It is time for Christians to live much more adventurously.

Antony Porter
London, W9


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