‘The Flintergill Collection’

‘The Flintergill Collection’

Dear Editor,

Would any Mature Times readers, do you think, be able to help me to double my collection of local church and parish magazines within the next 12 months?

‘The Flintergill Collection’ now numbers over 7,500 issues. A handful of magazines come from the 19th and early 20th centuries, but most of course are much more recent.

As I final fling before I retire from the operation on reaching the age of 80, I have launched a sponsorship challenge. Apart from doubling my tally, the aim is to benefit Save the Children – and also to assist your readers with their decluttering!

For more details about the challenge or the Collection itself, just write, phone, or email me.

With many thanks for your interest,
Gordon Neal
The Flintergill Collection

60 Addison Road, Worcester, WR3 8EA
01905 617494