Stop our robbing government

Stop our robbing government

Nobody likes to have things stolen from them, and we normally take precautions to stop it from happening. So why are so many people so indifferent when it’s the government who are robbing us?

Over many years now, successive governments of all the main parties, both at a national and local council level, have been robbing us blind with little if any scrutiny. The most recent wave of this onslaught has been under the guise of austerity.

Did you know that the new junior doctors contract is the latest chapter in the ongoing sell off and privatisation of our NHS, which has been going on for around thirty years? When our much needed hospitals have been closed, the land falls into private hands. This was also the case for the many fire stations that were closed not long ago. There’s a land grab going on, and it’s our land.

With our remaining public services like libraries continuously being closed or outsourced, as well as schools being forced to become academies (private entities in all but name), the time has come for the public to make a stand, and protect what’s left of our welfare state, before we don’t have one left to save. We can’t afford NOT to have one.