Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy

My mother sadly lost her driving license last year, due to poor eyesight.

She was very philosophical about it and decided that the best thing to do, in order to be able to keep her car on the road and therefore keeping herself and my stepfather mobile, was to get the car insured for him and myself.

I trawled around half a dozen insurance companies to find a fitting policy and could only find one company who would allow her to keep a policy in her name, insure my stepfather as the main driver and myself as a secondary driver.

All the others said that she couldn’t hold a policy in her own name if she didn’t hold a current UK driving license. A few even suggested that she register the car in my stepfather’s name, which is really quite outrageous as this has financial implications. My mother and stepfather keep their finances completely separate.

So where does this leave others in a similar situation? What about older folk who find themselves on their own, no longer able to drive but wanting to keep their car on the road for a carer or relative to drive them around?

Come on insurance companies, keep up with the needs of this ageing population.

Mary Fowler, Surrey