Keep cyclists off pedestrian paths

Keep cyclists off pedestrian paths

For a long time I have battled against cyclists who refuse to dismount on pedestrian paths and expect me to give way to them.

On the footpath in question there was a sign of a black cyclist within a red circle which failed to discourage the cyclists, so the Petersfield Town Council added a sign informing cyclists to dismount on the pedestrian path – somebody tried and failed to remove the latter sign.

When I voice my feelings to cyclists I am almost invariably greeted with hostility, but there are those who do dismount without me requesting them to do so.

On one occasion my adversaries turned out to be from Yorkshire and were most indignant when I asked them if they would be equally inconsiderate in their home county.

I can only think that since Petersfield is heavily populated with “outsiders” that the Country Code does not apply to them? I would be interested in your readers’ viewpoints – am I being paranoid?

Yours sincerely,

David Lloyd, Petersfield