Be nice in 2015

Be nice in 2015

When was the last time you paid someone a compliment?  It is a very important gift you can give and sometimes we forget how much it is appreciated.

If it is to show appreciation for a job well done or for an unexpected favour it is good to be specific by saying “that was a great job you did with …. or thank you for taking the time to  ..”

Praise the method a task was carried out “you are really clever with your hands or you are so patient  with …”

It is always extra special if you put it in writing with a thank you note or even an email.  That shows  you have made that additional effort which makes  it mean even more.

And make it personal.  It job has been well done I contact the company or employer and ask them to pass on my thanks to the staff for their competence and courtesy.

Even if it just to admire a person’s appearance or well-behaved child or dog or aptitude,  it means so much to the receiver of the  compliment.  Think how good you feel if something praises you.  I was once stopped walking across a dining room by a man who said”  I hope you don’t mind me saying but you walk so gracefully, are you a dancer?”  Well I am not but it made me feel that I was dancing on air and far more conscious of how I move.

It is also important to know how to receive a compliment so instead of a throwaway embarrassed comment a simple thank you will suffice.