Should you have a date with divorce?

Should you have a date with divorce?

Watch our live stream as we discuss the often difficult topic of divorce and whether scheduling it in advance is a better option for you and your family

Show date: 10th December 2015

Show Time: 13:00

Not only does a divorce take an emotional toll on the people involved but it is an expensive and sometimes lengthy process.  With an increasing number of people scheduling their divorces in advance to avoid added turmoil and to ensure everything is in order, we look at what impact this has when handling the matter.

Joining us are special guests, Rupi Rai (family and divorce solicitor, Slater and Gordon) and Anastasia de Waal (Chairman, Family Lives) as they give us helpful tips and advice on what practical considerations we should take into account and how to remain logical and keep a level head throughout the whole process.

We delve into topics such as why this is becoming a new trend, what support is available to us, the most efficient way to handle a divorce if children are involved and how to keep you and your partner on good terms in the long run.

For all this and more tune into our live stream at 13:00 on the 10th December.

If you have any questions you would like answered during the show please send them in using the hashtag #DiarisingDivorce.