I want to be alone

I want to be alone

I have recently got divorced from my husband of 30 years.  It was a fairly amicable split:  we decided that we did not make each other happy anymore and to stay together would be destructive.

It is strange now to live on my own with no other person in the house to consider but not unpleasant.  There is a comfortable freedom in pleasing myself, but other couples cannot understand it.

Our mutual friends seem to think they have to choose one or the other of us.  Because they feel sorrier for him as men appear lonelier, he gets the invitations and I get to stay home alone.  They never invite us together and it we do turn up at the same event, say a family birthday or even funeral, everyone thinks it is going to be awkward.

I have found out that he is seeing someone else and I really wish him well.  I hope she makes him happier than I could, latterly.

But what really annoys me is that all my friends and colleagues think I should be looking for love again.  Why can’t I be left alone to enjoy my own company or that or my choosing.  Why do I need a man to make me socially acceptable?

Why does our culture, especially for older people think you need to be one of a couple?  I don’t want to be a victim of blind dates and matchmaking.  And if I do I shall ask for help.  In the meantime I am perfectly happy on my own.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Ms H Jones, Wimbledon