Cover descent here, in this country!

Cover descent here, in this country!

I like the BBC, because of the very fact that they are not a commercial organisation, and therefore should not be influenced by those with power and money. That is why I am particularly appalled at their ongoing tendency of not covering descent here in our own country.

Last year, around 50,000 people marched through Manchester during the time of the Conservative Party conference. The beeb screened hour after hour of speeches, but failed somehow to film any of the protest against austerity that literally went past that venue. On Saturday, they managed to do it again, with a similar size crowd, even though that event began outside their Portland Place offices.

During this year’s world cup, the BBC have said much of the unrest in Brazil. I’ve heard comments about outrage at the amount of public money spent on new stadiums, bringing vast profits to private companies. I’ve also heard talk of the growing gap between the richest and the poorest in that society. And yet, where were those same arguments during our 2012 Olympics?

I say to the BBC, forget focussing too much on other countries problems (like they’re doing with Iraq at present), and start covering the growing anger of the public in this country. We are disgusted at the fact that you have not mentioned that our NHS is being privatised, or that our remaining public services are being dismantled or outsourced. BBC – reflect the feelings of the British people, and stop being the voice for those who are trying to manipulating us!

P.S. Don’t ever have Tony Blair on our screens again!!

Colin / Tooting