What would you do with the BBC?

What would you do with the BBC?

I wonder what Maisie Robson and Walter J Bourne, the writers of the two letters complaining about the BBC ( February MT), would do if they were in charge. One wanted Radio 4’s Today programme to be ’palatable to the over 50s.’

What does that mean? Only good news perhaps?

Today is a brilliant programme reflecting whatever news and current affairs occurs at that tine. If the criticism concerns the sometimes repetitive content that is purely because the three-hour long programmes are not intended to be listened to throughout but to brief anyone who may be in a hurry or driving to work about what is happening and they appreciate the concise way this is done with good humour thrown in. If Maisie objects to knowing what is going on in the world then she should tune to a non-stop music station or turn off.

The other writer has a down on repeats. Some programmes do crop up often but many viewers like that. If everything was new the production costs would go through the roof and so would the licence fees which, he says, are ‘iniquitous’ but in reality offer excellent value.

Compare the licence charge with the annual subscription to Sky and the rest. The BBC in particular has many excellent programmes covering so many subjects – news, current affairs, plays, comedies, music, natural history and so on; there are some that I don’t find interesting but other people obviously do so I don’t whinge about them.

Ron Stubbs