Camping and Things to do and see in Brittany, France

Camping and Things to do and see in Brittany, France

When it comes to camping, France offers you some of the best locations in the world. Whether you are in a rural or coastal location, France offers you some of the most picturesque places to pitch up a tent.

Camping in Brittany

One of the more popular locations is Brittany, located between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, Brittany offers rugged coastlines, beaches, forests, and has plenty of attractions to explore. Whether as a family, couple, or travelling alone, Brittany offers something for everyone.

You may opt to stay under canvass, in which case it is a good idea to search out the best camping in Brittany for your holiday. A little research goes a long way. The good news is that many of the campsites are located near to the coast and or attractions.

So what to do when you get there?

The Coast

The coastline of Brittany is surreal, beautiful, and spectacular. Visit Côtes-d’Armor and you’ll come across Pink Granite, a stretch of coast where the rocks have a mysterious colouring that looks both beautiful and artificial.

Follow the Sentier des Douaniers trail. Both beautiful and awe inspiring, the granite lighthouse Ploumanac’h, arguably the trail’s highlight, is worth every step.

Many Brittany campsites are not far from the coast.

Explore Brittany’s Prehistoric Side

Take a stroll into one of the region’s forests and you’ll discover prehistoric menhirs, dolmens and cairns.

Most of the monuments date back 7000 years and can be found in woodland or on hillsides. Some, are part of complexes that have left prehistory experts with more questions than answers.

If you really want to take in all the monuments, head to the village of Carnac in the Morbihan department. Here you’ll find 3000 pre-history relics which is the largest collection in the world.

Perhaps the real winner is the Roche aux Fées passage grave.


Arguably, Saint-Malo is worth visiting to walk along the medieval ramparts that are flanked by beautiful beaches. Many spend time taking in the scene admiring the labyrinthine streets of the city as well as the views out to sea. On good days, beaches like Plage du Sillon are the place to be. The clear water lagoon-like pools and rocky islands are great to explore.

One thing you must do when you’re here is watch the sun set behind the Old Town’s grey stone walls.

Other attractions as well as soaking up the atmosphere is Chateaubriand, the tomb of the romantic writer.

Huelgoat Forest, Finistère

Situated in Parc d’Amorique, the lakeside Huelgoat village is surrounded by beautiful woodland and rock formations.

If you’re interested in exploring this amazing location your first port of call should be the Office de Tourisme to get your hands on some route maps. You can opt for an hour hike or go all in for some epic exploration.

If you opt for the hour hike it will begin by the old watermill on the lake and you’ll discover huge granite boulders. You should definitely explore Grotte du Diable, a ten metre deep cave which you’ll be pleased to know has steps taking you below the lake.

Brittany is an amazing place make sure you go and see it!