The big questions

The big questions

Are we a Christian Nation? Of course we are. How can anyone doubt it – if they have lived through the war – two in fact?

But we said if Hitler – having walked through 8 countries – invaded Poland, we would declare war. We did: but hopelessly unprepared. Facing the threat of invasion, our young boys, barely trained, valiantly flew their Spitfires and encountered the enemy as they swarmed over our coastline. We have so much to thank these young boys for.

The bombing then began. Coventry, Manchester, Bristol, and London – night after night, families huddled together in flimsy Anderson shelters, and came out in the morning to see the devastation. There were countless examples of courage and sacrifice.

England and our Allies fought side by side and we look back and marvel at the courage, determination and sacrifice so many made for us today.

But we have had 60 years of peace and in that time have been spoilt with too much food, possessions and false values. The churches are usually less than half full. Why? Too many diversions outside? What are they preaching? Are the services relevant to the nation today?

Most of us have heard the Bible stories before, either at school or at home when the TV did not occupy our leisure hours. So do we need uplifting, encouraging and understanding with today’s problems? Yes we do. But it’s got to be relevant to this era – for the lonely, ill, frightened, and praying for those in evil hands.

There’s still plenty for us to do as Christians with so many wonderful charities and organisations working hard for those in need. Let’s pray we shan’t need a war to make us appreciate our country, our Queen, and our freedom. Pray too that the younger generation will never have to fight for their freedom, but will continue to give help wherever they can. And the church will again give us down to earth encouragement, comfort and guidance in our wonderful country.

Tessa Lincoln, Bath