The best places to live in the UK as you grow older

The best places to live in the UK as you grow older

As we near retirement age, the question of whether or not we should move is one that often crops up. Whether you’ve lived in a busy city and are seeking out something a little calmer to enjoy, or you’re looking to stay in hustle and bustle of an urban metropolis but would like to know which the best to consider is, then you’re in luck! We’ve created a list of some of the best places to live within the UK as you grow older.


Suffolk is undoubtedly one of the most ideal places to live as you grow older, if only for it’s relaxed, but still urban surroundings. You have easy access to all the commodities you need, and while there has been talk of difficulty accessing healthcare, there are some incredible care homes in Suffolk for those that need access at all times. The average house price in Suffolk is around £260,000 which is a little higher than some areas, but a cost worth paying if you can afford it.


If you’re looking for a stunning location with access to everything yet a relaxed and graceful atmosphere, then there is no place better than Cambridge. Famed for its leading University, the town has so much more to offer beyond its grand University buildings and the amazing Trinity Library. Easy to walk around and get from A to B, Cambridge offers retirees a wealth of things to do from punting on the river, to sightseeing around King’s College Chapel, the Mathematical Bridge, and even the Gatehouse to Trinity College. Rich with history, you’ll never run out of things to learn or places to sit and enjoy the view.


Coventry is another stunning location perfect for retiring to, and not just because of its beauty. Because of its popularity among retirees, Age UK have set up here too, meaning you have access to events, meetings, support, help and so much more so you’re never alone. There’s advice should you need it, and even a guide to everything you could need to know about the area through their website. With smart shopping, you could find an affordable home too, so it’s well worth taking a look!


So we’ve taken a look at the calm, the peaceful and the beautiful, but what about those of you wanting a little something different? Brighton is perfect for beach-loving individuals and with its quirky nature and seaside resort atmosphere, you’ll feel like you’re on a constant holiday by moving here. You can enjoy Brighton pier on warm days, break out the credit cards for some shopping at The Lanes, or stop by Brighton Museum and Art Gallery for a peak into British history. There’s plenty to do, and its welcoming environment means young and the not-so-young can mix and mingle with open arms.

These four locations are the perfect starting point for your search, and if none of these take your fancy, there are plenty of gorgeous locations all over the country worthy of spending a happy retirement.