What you need to know before cosmetic surgery

What you need to know before cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery has always been a hot topic, but now more than ever it’s a constant presence in the media. All over the world, men and women are undergoing procedures from breast augmentation to direct hair implantation, and the volume in which these procedures are taking place is showing no signs of slowing down. With its popularity, it can seem simple to completely bypass the considerations you should make before undergoing the surgery yourself, so we’ve pulled together a quick list of the things you need to know before you book your cosmetic surgery.

Your Results May Not Be Immediate

One disappointment that cosmetic surgery patients often face is when they realise that their results may not immediately show. In fact, a good number of cosmetic procedures can take weeks to develop, and most won’t look exactly the same once your body settles and begins to heal. Swelling, redness, healing, developing fillers and agents and so much more can all have an effect on how long it takes to see results, so don’t be disheartened if you walk away from your procedure and you don’t look or feel very different.

Ask Lots Of Questions

If you’re new to the world of cosmetic surgery, it’s likely that you have a lot of questions, and while an internet search can answer most of them on a generic basis, your surgeon will be able to answer them on a far more personalised scale. Talk to your surgeon, ask all of the burning questions that have been playing on your mind – after all, you can’t always go back and have things changed after you’ve had the procedures. Ask your questions before, and ask them thoroughly. Don’t go into any kind of procedure without a full understanding!

Patients Can Be Turned Away

Your cosmetic surgeon, no matter whether they’re set up in a hospital or a clinic up in the Hollywood Hills, is a doctor. They’ve taken their oath, and as a result, your health is going to be in their best interests. You could be told no if your surgeon believes you’d be better off without the surgery – in other words, if the effects won’t outweigh the risk, for example, they often won’t complete the surgery. This can differ from surgeon to surgeon, but trust their word. They’ll have an understanding of the procedure that their patient won’t.

Consider The Risks…

Every surgery has its risks, whether it’s cosmetic or otherwise. Understanding the risks that you could face with your surgery and the chances of those risks coming to fruition is a vital step in preparing for your cosmetic procedure. Infection is often the most common risk, and while advances in technology now mean that scarring can be minimal, there is still scarring in most cases, even if it’s faint.

…But Also Consider That Cosmetic Surgery Is Getting Better

Minimally invasive surgeries, technological advances and a better understanding of cosmetic procedures in general have all come on leaps and bounds over the past decade or so and it’s for this reason that it’s becoming such a popular industry. In the past, cosmetic surgery has come with higher risks and lower chance of a clean finished look, but the concerns and risks are much lower today. While you should take caution, it’s also important to remember that your procedure has likely been done thousands of times, and is constantly improving.

Cosmetic surgery can be a great way to get the confidence boost you need to walk around with your head held high, however it’s also something you need to take into careful consideration. By thinking over the points above and doing your own research into your desired procedure, you’ll be better prepared when the time comes to contact your surgeon.