Are Traditional Poker Skills Transferable to Online Poker?

Are Traditional Poker Skills Transferable to Online Poker?

The live arena is where poker began. It is a demanding competition where heightened skill is essential for success. Dominate the game and you win big – and experience the thrill of the action firsthand. But, in recent decades, poker has grown online more rapidly than in the casinos and spectator stadiums. And with the pandemic and associated restrictions, the online version of this popular game has boomed.

If you love playing traditional poker, you may be looking to switch to online poker to maximise your opportunities. But will your hard-earned, real-life skills be useful in the online world? Is online poker the same as live poker?

Here we break down the facts about online vs live poker. Check if your poker skills are valid in the fast-paced online game.

Rise and Rise of Online Poker

2021 is the best time to make the move to online poker. With COVID closing most venues for live poker during the last year, the online game has surged ahead. But there are other reasons for playing poker online aside from not having to travel to poker tournaments. The online game has innovated and developed. There are countless promotions and incentives up for grabs with everyone keen to attract new players to sites like And, most importantly, there are increased chances to showcase your skills to the world.

But do these skills still stack up online?

Are Online and Live Poker the Same?

First, let’s talk about the similarities. After all, it is the same game. The rules for Texas Hold’em are the same online as live. The proceedings are also the same, including the movement of play clockwise around the table, whether it’s virtual or real. You bet chips in the online world just as you do in real life, even if these chips are virtual.

If you can play poker live, you can play poker online. But before you rush to sign up, consider the following adjustments to make your online play exceptional.

Differences Between Virtual Poker and Real-Life Poker

Online games tend to play faster than live games. If you’re used to a slower pace, watch a few tournaments to get used to it. Online is too fast for some, although most players quickly pick up the speed and then complain the real thing drags. Hone your decision-making skills because you have time limits on your hand in an online game. Practice really helps with this. Online players are adept at playing an increased number of hands and time is money. It is less of a social game and more structured. But the benefit is you get better, faster, and you also win more money.

Multi-tabling is an option when you play online. Increase the number of hands you play per hour by tiling or stacking tables with the software. While it takes time to improve your multi-tabling skills, you become a stronger poker player. Move to this method of play gradually, so you build your abilities without sacrificing quality.

Modern online poker is less about tells and more about maths and hand ranges. Obviously, you can’t physically read a player when you can’t see them. But you can pay attention to patterns, plays, and positions. Timing is a key online tell. You’ll swiftly build your experience of this when playing.

How to Prep for Online Games

If you’re moving to online from live games, psych yourself up for more aggression and a faster, more action-packed environment. Use the technology to your advantage by tracking your wins, losses, stats, and betting tendencies. You can also track your opponents’ stats easily using software. Boost your poker knowledge and you’ll be more confident making snap decisions. And get more aggressive, using your traditional poker skills and taking them up a notch for the modern game. Live poker may return after COVID but online poker remains a good bet.