Age UK response to yesterday’s Budget

Age UK response to yesterday’s Budget

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said:

Health and social care


Caroline Abrahams

“The confirmation of additional funding for the NHS is good news for health services, but the failure today to bolster the broken social care system is a false economy.  Without care at home, ever increasing numbers of older people will unnecessarily end up in hospital, leaving the NHS to pick up the pieces and costing more in the long-run.

“The Living Wage will provide a really important boost to care workers, but unless the overall budget for social care provision is also increased we fear more and more older people will miss out on support they badly need.”

Pension Green Paper

“We welcome the consultation on pension saving, but some of the changes being floated are hugely radical so we will need to look at them carefully to ensure both current and future generations are protected.

“In Age UK’s view any further changes to pensions must uphold three principles: they must give future generations a decent income in retirement; provide fairer incentives to save, particularly for those on low and modest incomes; and they must ensure stability and certainty for future pensioners. This is the basis on which we will assess the Green Paper’s proposals.”

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