Top 5 property websites for selling your home

Top 5 property websites for selling your home

The vast majority of house hunters start their search for a new home online and it’s easy to see why. Searching online is simple and offers a quick way of pinpointing properties for sale in the price bracket and geographical area buyers are looking for. The transformation provided by the shift to online means that a process that traditionally took hours – if not days or weeks – can now be done in mere seconds.

When it comes to selling a property it’s important to consider what the would-be buyer is thinking and where they will look for your property. Whether you want to know where to sell your house or where to get vital tips and advice, the trick is finding the right websites and using them to your advantage. Here are the top five to look out for…


There’s no getting away from it – Rightmove really does lead the way when it comes to property websites, attracting about 100 million visits a month. In fact, it has built rapidly over the past 15 years and is now not just a popular property site but one of the most popular websites in the UK full stop, proving a more popular Google search term than One Direction. The attraction here is the sheer scale. With the broadest selection of homes, Rightmove is simply too big to ignore. As a seller it’s important to make sure your estate agent lists your property here.


While Rightmove is a clear leader in the property search market, then Zoopla is the clear second favourite. This site is perfect for the digital curtain twitcher – the beauty being that you no longer need to peer from behind the nets, you can do it on the net. A swift search opens up purchase details for every property in your street and a current estimate of their worth. Not only do the sheer number of properties listed here make it nearly as essential as Rightmove but the data to be gleaned is important for the seller to help them set a fair price for their property.

Prime Location

Rightmove and Zoopla offer a sheer scale that others can’t match, but if you have a house in the middle and upper tier of the market then you may benefit from checking out a site more tailored to your audience. is ideal for sellers in this bracket and also has a strong international arm. The site, which began in 2007, has been purchased from Zoopla.


While it’s crucial to know where to market your property, it’s also important to arm yourself with as much information as possible as a seller. For a comprehensive set of data on the market, Mouseprice is a worthy point of call. This can be used to monitor the state of the market in a particular area and gives you up-to-date stats on your area too. No seller should be caught out – whether it’s by a rival property being discounted or a wider trend in the area – and Mouseprice can help to prevent this.

Homes and Property

Finally, it’s important to pick up as wide a selection of tips as possible. Homes & Property is run by the team behind the Evening Standard newspaper and website in London and while that means it is strong on news for the capital it can be useful for sellers from afar too. The site combines design and style tips with housing market news, guides and a useful legal Q&A section to address some of the complex questions you may have.