50+ cricket proving to be a hit

50+ cricket proving to be a hit

The advantages of an active lifestyle have never been so keenly understood and evidenced.

Over the past few years, the emergence of Walking Football and Walking Cricket into the over 50s sporting and exercise market place has been well received, and Twenty20 Community Cricket, a not-for-profit organisation, is now looking to expand this into cricket.

Darren Talbot, Academy Director of Coaching at Twenty20 Cricket explains.

Keeping active as you get older is particularly important in so many ways. It can help to maintain a healthy heart, keep you supple and help you lose weight, plus it is a great way to beat stress and also meet new people.

It is perhaps no surprise then that the number of sport and physical activity opportunities for people over 50 is on the rise. And it is never too late to start, take the opportunity to renew or learn a new sport

Cricket is a game which lends itself very well to the Walking Sports arena.  Many people give up playing cricket in their late forties/early fifties due to combination of time pressures, injuries or not wanting to compete with teenagers coming through into the game.

50 Plus Cricket PhotoWalking Cricket provides those people with the chance to keep playing the game they love with their peers in a social environment during the week.  The timings naturally suit retired people best and as we have found with our early taster sessions in Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey, they have brought in a range of people.

The rules of Walking Cricket are simple.  It is the same game as normal cricket except with a softer ball (an Incrediball) and no-one can run.  Batsmen “walk” between the wickets, Fielders walk after the ball and Bowlers can’t have a run-up only a walk-up!

Twenty20 Community Cricket welcomes all ages and abilities. The aim of our 50+ Cricket sessions is to move on from the tasters into local leagues with short one hour matches followed by refreshments – the perfect way to continue to enjoy and play cricket.

Bear in mind though, if leagues and competition is not your thing, there is always the opportunity to get involved in more social-based sessions.

Being 50 years and over is no longer a barrier to exercising these days and increasingly 60 and 70 year olds are getting more and more active.

Walking Cricket is therefore a great way to keep active, meet new friends and enjoy the great game of cricket all in a friendly sociable environment with your peers.

If you are interested in being involved, perhaps setting up taster sessions or even a regular programme of sessions or league in your area, contact Twenty20 Community Cricket on 08455 20 20 29 or via email at community@twenty20cricketcompany.com.

Alternatively visit their website for more details.