5 signs you are getting old

5 signs you are getting old

Have you ever sat in a rocking chair and can’t get it going? Ok, maybe it’s not that bad, but, there is always that pivotal moment in your life when you know that old age has started to creep in. Although many of you will do whatever it takes to stop it happening, sometimes it’s just better to embrace it. Our friends at Kennedy Wild Bird Food are here to share 5 things you may notice about getting older.

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It’s only natural to want to exercise your brain as you get older. The fact is; damaged brain cells can’t regrow, but they can create new connections and pathways. Many older people begin turning to sudoku and other forms of brain training to stay sharp.

One of the timeless classics is the newspaper crossword. People who have started doing crosswords in their spare time to ke
ep their brains active have actually found the find them thoroughly enjoy it. Besides, with all this confusing technology, the newspaper still remain a familiar friend.

Saying “It wasn’t like that in my day”

With all this social media and emoji nonsense, you have probably started to find modern life either confusing or distasteful. Yes, times have changed and you have probably begun finding yourself not agreeing with much of it. It shows that getting older is just as much of a mental change as it is a physical one.

Real ale suddenly tastes great

Whilst it used to be all about larger back in the day, your taste buds have started to become accustomed to the earthy goodness of real ale. In recent years, it also seems like our younger generation have begun opting for the barrel and the stigma attached to real ale drinkers has disappeared.

You may have also found yourself drinking your new found love in a quiet pub, as research has shown that with ageing, pub goers prefer a quiet pub rather than a noisy one.

Forgetting walking into a room

It’s certainly one of life’s unsolved phenomena, but with old age it happens a more frequently. Nevertheless, you are always left with that irritating feeling of knowing that you walked into a room for some reason, and not recalling why. When you were younger you probably used to shrug it off. Now that it happens more you may have started to worry. Occasionally lapses are simply just part of the ageing process and not a warning sign of serious mental deterioration.

One way of counteracting this is to mumble the task to yourself between rooms at the risk of looking odd.

Taking a keen interest in gardening

You are definitely not alone if you’ve found yourself with a new love for nature. Gardening is a therapeutic hobby, that allows you to go at your own pace and appreciate all the little things in life, from the beauty of the trees, plants, and the birds that come to say hello. Kennedy Wild Bird Food say “gardening is a wholly satisfying joy. With age, time becomes more fascinating and taking the time to care for your garden and the birds that visit is a really rewarding pursuit”.

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