A witty little ditty

A witty little ditty

Just read the article on 20mph speed limits….

I’m really must disagree
with reducing speed limits to 20.
Where I live it is plain,
that it’s viewed with disdain.
& ignored by the majority.

In my experience
it has this consequence.
Instead of looking ahead
I’m checking my speed instead.
Dangerous!…&doesn’t make sense.

I realise they’re being sincere.
but wish they’d not interfere.
Leave some responsibility
with old folks like me.
But that’ll not happen ..I fear.

Some may say “get on your bike”
Others “go take a hike”.
But…you see
Bikes overtake me.
Now I think that’s taking the “Mike”.


Stuart..Aged 80…Pedestrian & Driver.


I’m 80 & live alone
My wife’s in a nursing home.
It’s my “sad” hobby
writing nonsense……..normally.
But this time I’m having a moan.