White Hot Hair – a great product for grey hair

White Hot Hair – a great product for grey hair

I can start off by saying that I wish this product had been made years ago. I had a few qualms when I saw the bright blue shampoo and wondered if I would end up with blue hair! Luckily I didn’t!

The first week I just used the Glorious Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner.

I had a hair appointment that week and my stylist said how soft my hair was, unlike before.

The next week I used the shampoo and conditioner plus the Lifeshine Oil and a close friend remarked on how shiny my hair was. Another great compliment!

Then I tried the Intense Lustre Mask. I followed the instructions carefully.

I am afraid it made my hair so sticky I had to wash it all out.


The Shooshing Crème did not have the result that the woman in the video when I watched it. I wondered if this was because I have short hair!

The products I am going to use every week are the Brilliant Shampoo, Luminous Conditioner and the Lifeshine Oil.

I am suggesting to all my “Grey Brigade” friends that they use White Hot range of hair care.

by Jane Buckle