Lumbacurve – A natural cure for back pain

Lumbacurve – A natural cure for back pain

I was interested to try out the Lumbacurve, due to having a bulging disc in my back which, despite regular movement and exercise, continues to cause pain and pose problems with mobility.

Whilst the product itself is very simple, it is what it makes you do on a regular basis that is the key to reducing back pain; the stretches recommended increased my mobility whilst also reducing pain.

Once you’ve read the instructions a couple of times, the exercises are easy to remember and although they need concentration to master at the beginning, they are straightforward once you’ve practised them a little.

The Lumbacurve feels a bit uncomfortable at first but you soon get used to it.  In conclusion, the Lumbacurve really does work and by having it, it makes you think about doing the recommended exercises which, in turn, genuinely do give pain relief.

I’d use the lumbacurve over medication any day!

By Claire Dunn

Frequently asked questions

How easy is LumbaCurve to use?

LumbaCurve is simplicity itself to use – Just follow the instructions, lie on your back, slide LumbaCurve under your lumbar area, and relax.

It’s a very easy passive therapy – simply follow the instructions and enjoy one of the most natural cures for back pain.

Just literally a few minutes a day –at home or in the office or ‘as and when’. Lumbacurve comes complete with smart carry bag, Guidance Charts, and DVD instructions.

Who is LumbaCurve designed for?

Any adults who experience lower back pain as a result of occupational posture related back conditions, eg pc users, drivers, or recreationally agrievated conditions eg sports players, golfers, gardeners etc.

It must not be used if you have previously had surgery or are pregnant.

To find out more visit their website and watch this short video clip.