This week in History 12th January

This week in History 12th January

Every week we go back to re-visit some of the significant happenings that took place in living memory; just about, for some of us.

On this week in History

Matt Busby - Manager of Manchester United This week in HistoryTo remind ourselves of how life has changed and how some things stay the same it is fascinating to note what made the news this week, starting 12th January in years past.

Some of the events that seemed momentous at the time have now been absorbed into everyday life.

1969   Sir Matt Busby  retires as Manager of Manchester United

1976  Agatha Christie    dies aged 85 having sold over 300 million books

1983  Breakfast News    broadcast by the BBC featuring Frank Bough and Selina Scott

Suggs. Lead singer of Madness. This week in History1997   Princess Diana   sparks land mine row

2002  Foot and Mouth        UK is declared free from the disease after 3 months without infection

This week’s celebrity Birthdays

13th              Madness singer Suggs is  54

Muhammed Ali. This week in History14th              Actress Faye Dunaway is 74

15th              Royal Princess Michael of Kent is  70

17th              Singer Eartha Kitt is 88  and Boxer Muhammed Ali is 73

18th             Actor Kevin Costner is 60 and Author Raymond Briggs is 81