The value of deliberately irritating adverts ?

The value of deliberately irritating adverts ?

There is a concept in advertising, probably emerging via Canary Wharf, whereby adverts are made to be deliberately irritating, in order that we remember both the advert and the brand.

Without question this concept works, I cannot stand the adverts for either Go Compare, or Safestyle UK, however I regularly remember them, I’m quite certain that you all have your own infamous awful adverts that come to mind also?

However, before we start patting the collective backs of all the Canary Wharf folk, it only works with me in a manner that guarantees whenever I think of the brand I cringe.

I wouldn’t take a job lot of windows from that shouty pseudo mystical chap for free, and the only thing I’d want to compare with the Edwardian looking operatic buffoon is whether he should be lynched or shot.

So in essence, a company who wish to increase their sales decide to create and run an advertising campaign at vast expense, it annoys potential customers, who as a result wouldn’t touch the advertised product under any circumstance, whereas prior to the advert it was a brand in their mindset that they were neutral towards, and one who’s products they may have potentially purchased.

Am I the exception to the rule, or does this form of advertisement in essence create product / brand suicide?

David Gambino via email