The UK Online Gaming Market: A Look

The UK Online Gaming Market: A Look

The gaming industry in the United Kingdom has witnessed a steady spurt of growth in the last few years – and it includes everything from casino gaming to video games. Major gaming developers, like EA Sports UK, have focused on the U.K. market as their headquarters, even though the living costs in U.K. are among the highest in the world.

What is Driving the UK Online Gaming Market Growth?

The rise in the online gaming industry in the U.K. is due to different reasons – something we will take a look at below.

1. Offers The Skilled Expertise Gaming Companies Need

For one, U.K. has some of the most skilled developers in the world, and with an increase in the popularity of the online gaming sector, it is where gaming companies are looking to invest in.

2. Offers Diverse Game Development Scenarios

The other factor is that U.K. has legalised casinos, and so there are lesser worries about regulations for online casino companies who are looking to make some cool casino games. U.K. minimum deposit casinos websites offer a great user experience and an easy way to make money. The changing social scenario and acceptance of diverse developments is also a factor that has contributed to this increase.

No matter what your idea is, if you can make a game out of it, you won’t have a problem with U.K. legislation. Additionally, various initiatives by the UK government are aimed at promoting the economy and increase the employment rate. This has opened gates to various types of gaming patterns to emerge in the gaming market of UK. ‘Creative England’ is one such initiative by the government that supports the online gaming sector.

3. Offers a Great Way to Improve User Engagement

U.K. has one of the highest mobile penetration in the world, and with online gaming happening mostly in smart devices around the world, the U.K. market is perhaps one of the first audiences to focus on for many app developers. Because of this added advantage and special privilege UK has seen a rise in its gaming industry. Also, UK has a great potential to attract and retain trained and skilled workers from digital industry, with London and Cardiff acting as magnets.

4. Funding and support

One of the biggest and perhaps the most important driving force behind the UK gaming industry is the availability of funds and support. The initiatives for promoting creative talents and business offers a great platform to the growing and emerging entrepreneur in the field. The gaming market is essentially driven by the digital involvement of people which is in turn supported by digital outfit experiences like BetaJester.

The technical know-how to design games and to build up the gaming sector is something gaming companies need, and U.K. game developers seem to have the skill, expertise and knowledge required. And with UK universities offering gaming related degree courses to bring highly skilled workers, it does mean that we will see more growth in the near future.