Three kinds of apps to keep you busy on your downtime

Three kinds of apps to keep you busy on your downtime

Retirement is undoubtedly great: finally, after a lifetime of hard working, you get to experience some free time – actually, a lot of free time – maybe travel, spend time with your family, dedicate attention to hobbies you’ve never had the chance to focus on. At the same time, it is quite hard to find something to do that can fill your entire day, week, month and years, especially if you’ve recently retired and your friends and loved ones haven’t yet.

So, it can be rather common to have a decent amount of downtime during your day, and you might find yourself bored while waiting for your friends to get off work – and eventually retire – or while you’re in line at the dentist, or waiting for the subway. You’re likely going to have your phone with you, so here are a few things you can check out to keep yourself entertained.

Obviously, Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many more… You might have caught up with the social media frenzy as it was developing, throughout the last few years, or you might be taking the time to do it now. Social Media can be a fun way to keep up with the news, keep in touch with friends, or just see what people are up to all around you. They’re not perfect, but you can dabble with a few different ones, even not mainstream ones, and you might find something you like.

Gaming Apps

Puzzles, single-player or multi-player role games and even online casino’s are, if used responsibly, a very fun way to kill some time while you’re waiting for your friends to show up at the bar, or for your doctor to call in your appointment. There are a wide variety of websites and apps on which you can find a great array of games and formats. In recent years, gaming and betting have both moved from desktop versions to mobile versions, allowing players to play from wherever they are, indoor or outdoor, without having to spend most of their time in their house.

Messaging Services

If you’re not into Social Media, there are other, less invasive, ways to keep in touch with friends, without having to recur to old fashioned – and sometime expensive – SMSs. Just get on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram or Messenger (you do need Facebook for that one though) and effortlessly stay in contact with anyone in your contact list. Then again, if they have time to play around with messaging services, you might as well meet up in person.