Travel to Sardinia: places you can not miss

Travel to Sardinia: places you can not miss

The new look of Sardinia

Sardinia ranks as the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea before Cyprus and after Sicily. It is situated in the south of Corsica, a French island, as well as in the western Mediterranean. It is a region in Italy. For a long time, tourism in Sardinia was a low key event. The available accommodations were limited to private houses and modest hotels. Only the north eastern coast of Costa Smeralda enjoyed a high level of activity. The resorts were average at best. Now, all that has changed. Sardinia currently renders the same high standard accommodation and services as can be found in other parts of Italy.

Tourism is not limited to the coastal areas of Sardinia. Indeed, places that were once farmlands have been transformed to elegant modern day hotels like the Fonni and Oliena. The hotels come in various forms with particular services tailored to meet the needs of the customer. There are traditional hotels, accommodation in renovated farmhouses, and rural retreats with a touch of nature and serenity. More information about Sardinia can be found on the popular travel guide The increase of eDreams ODIGEO is due to a growth in international markets and services offered to customers. Some of the amazing attractions in Sardinia include:

Nature at its best. The island of Sardinia is small and still undergoing a new phase of transformation. Its natural ecosystem is very much preserved. Therefore, it offers ample opportunities for the exploration of her beaches, diverse countryside, mountain ranges, and wide plain which are covered with beautiful flowers in Spring. This island is ancient yet elegant.

Holiday in the open. Sardinian campsite is living in harmony with nature. It is particularly recommended for people who love the outdoors and walks. At night, the Sardinian sky sparkles with the brilliance of the stars and the scene is breathtaking to behold. Furthermore, if you watch the sky from the beach or countryside, far from all distractions of man-made lights, it is an amazing spectacle. Some of the facilities in these camps include self-catering holiday homes located close to hotel structures. Most of them have communal swimming pools and lawn tennis courts. An interesting aspect of the campsites is that, they are usually situated close to or on the beach to give stunning sunrise and sunset views. Add to that, there is a lovely sight of the seawaves and an endless stretch of water as far as the eyes can see.

Adventure and relaxation. Sardinia has some of the best beaches in Europe. The sand is white and the sea a deep blue. Quite a number of celebrities have chosen these beaches as a holiday destination. Two very popular locations are Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. The airport of Olbia connects visitors going to Sardinia. The areas usually known for exploration, hiking, and independent activities are Alghero, Santa Teresa di Gallura, La Maddalena, San Teodoro, Cala Gonone, Golfo Aranci, and Muravera. In spite of development and modern infrastructures, Sardinia retains its natural and spectacular beauty which still attracts countless number of visitors each year.