The Optiflame effect

The Optiflame effect

Tina Foster reviews the Dimplex MicroStove

The days are getting shorter and the nights and early morning have a definite chill.  But it may not yet be the time to put on the full central heating.

For these and other occasions when extra warmth is needed the Dimplex Microstove is the perfect appliance.  The neat heater that sits attractively in my fireplace can be used with just the flame effect which immediately brightens the room and creates a cosy feel.  There are two heat settings which give instant warmth and heat my high ceilinged living efficiently.

All Dimplex Optiflame fires are 100% efficient at the point if use so no heat is wasted.  They require no maintenance or cleaning like conventional open fires and are simple to install.  Just plug in, switch on, and sit back and enjoy the cosy glow of the flickering of the flame effect.

The Microstove stove is an attractive neat little fire that looks similar to today’s fashionable log burners but is clean, smart and will grace any room with or without a fireplace.

It has certainly improved the ambiance of our sitting room and I find myself watching the flames instead of the television.

Dimplex MicroStove - Dimplex Optiflame firesGood for your Health

It’s official; sitting in front of a fire can be good for your health.

A scientific study by a PhD student at the University of Alabama, obtained by Dimplex, reports “significant reductions in blood pressure” when people watched footage of a fire on a computer screen.

The findings, concluded from three separate trials across 226 adults, show that sitting in front of a fire with the sound of crackling logs “consistently produces reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.”

Participants were asked to watch videos of a hearth or campfire on a computer screen in a darkened room and their blood pressure monitored before and after the trial. The greatest reductions in blood pressure were noted after watching footage with sound.

The report notes how the calming effect of fires can be traced back to prehistoric times, when “the flickering light, crackling sounds, warmth and distinctive smell are believed to have provided a relaxation effect that enhanced prosocial behaviour”. Fire also extended the day, provided heat, helped with hunting, warded off predators and illuminated dark places for early humans.

It has often been thought that fires can provide a relaxing effect and they are commonly used for that reason, from candles in a health spa to social gatherings around a campfire.

At a very reasonable price this compact little stove can enhance any living room.  In fact, if you need extra heat anywhere this will look good in any room and I may get one for my bedroom for those cold mornings when I need persuading to get out of bed.

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Dimplex MicroStove - Dimplex Optiflame fires