If you want your heartstrings given a little tug then read this book

If you want your heartstrings given a little tug then read this book

Tina Foster reviews Before I was Yours

Already a fan of this author, Virgina MacGregor, after reading her debut novel, What Milo Saw, I was pleased to be offered this latest to review.

This is the story of a little boy from Kenya who is abandoned at a large airport in England. His mother wants him to come here to learn to read and be an English gentleman.

Jonah is enchanting and you long for him to have a happy ending or at least a happy beginning, so when he is introduce to Sam and Rosie who are desperate for a children, we think this is all going to turn out okay.

All the characters in this beautifully crafted story are worth getting to know. The author has shown her understanding of the generations in her previous work, and she had done it again with making us love the children, parents and grandparent who strive to support 7 year old Jonah.

Drawn into his journey are a social worker and police officer who have to work within the constraints of their jobs as well as their compassion.

Uplifting without being mawkish this lovely book is one I recommend keeping you involved in what should be a simple tale of giving a child what he deserves, love, support and stability.

Before I was Yours by Virginia MacGregor is published by LittleBrown in paperback RRP £8.99 on 24th August 2017