Turn up the heat

Turn up the heat

With some very cold weather over the past few days and plenty more to come we have been very pleased to have a couple of Dimplex heaters in our office.

The Desk Friend

Warm Your Personal Workspace

We do have a couple of us who are extra chilly mortals and the Desk friend is a compact, highly portable personal ceramic heater. Without cluttering up your desk space, the Desk Friend ensures you can work comfortably even if the rest of the office feels too cold.

Desk Friend is safe and easy to operate, with a personally comfortable 250 watt single setting for an instant top-up of warmth. The heater also offers a standby thermostat to maintain your desk’s temperature. Should the Desk Friend be accidentally knocked over it automatically switches itself off.

This could also be used if you are having to sit still at home for  long periods to give a little extra warmth.  Many of us have a home office away from the main living room and if you are spending time at your home computer or watching catch-up television on your lap top,  this little heater is a real boon.

The Desk Friend also incorporates a handy USB charging port compatible with both smartphones and tablets, ensuring they remain topped up.

Key features:

  • 250w Heat Output
  • Standby thermostat
  • Low energy
  • Portable
  • Safety cut-out
  • USB charging port for smartphones & tablets
  • CE & BEAB approved

H: 164mm, W: 120mm, D: 121mm, Weight: 0.7kg

The Desk Friend Ceramic Heater is available from £39.99 ERP.

The TuskDimplex heaters - The Tusk

The Tusk is a sleek and modern styled heater.  The oscillating portable ceramic tower features a high tech 2kW ceramic heating element providing fast economical electrical heating.
Large, easy to adjust rotary dials makes controlling the temperature or heat output easy, while a variable thermostat ensures that a comfortable temperature that is to your liking is maintained in the room. And at less than three kilos, the heater is light and portable enough to be easily picked up and carried from room to room as needed. The heater is designed to cut out if it is knocked over so if safe to use in a room where people are moving about.
This has proved very useful when we have needed some additional heating in our large open plan office as it takes up very little room but also looks smart and stylish in keeping with the staff.

An additional benefit is that the Tusk can also be used to provide cooling air in the summer.  That is something to look forward to.

Key features:

  • Output 2kW
  • Variable thermostat
  • Choice of two heat settings and cool blow
  • Frost setting
  • Oscillation function
  • ‘Mains on’ neon indicator
  • Safety cut-out
  • CE & BEAB approved
  • Three year guarantee

H: 574mm, W: 235mm, D: 235mm, Weight: 2.96kg
ERP: £60.00

For more details about fan heaters, visit the Dimplex website.