Timeshare owners paid out

Timeshare owners paid out

At long last, the tide is finally turning for Timeshare owners. With many onerous contracts now decreed illegal, thousands of people can break free and claim compensation for being mis-sold to.

Jodi Beard, a spokesperson for Timeshare Compensation said: “Frequently, it is not until an owner sees exorbitant hikes in maintenance fees, poor availability or attempts to exit that they understand how one-sided the contract is. Quite unreasonably, the obligation to continue payment can pass to the next generation of an owner’s family upon their demise with no apparent leave to appeal.”

For too long owners have been at the mercy of unscrupulous management companies intent on maximising income with no regard to the distress and hardship they might cause.

One couple, Mr & Mrs Millar, that Timeshare Compensation have helped, summed their problem up as follows: “We have not used it (the timeshare) much because we cannot get what we want, and now not only do we have to pay maintenance fees but also a charge for each point that we use, so in effect paying twice”.

Via their expert in-house legal team, Timeshare Compensation have succeeded in not only breaking the contract for thousands of similar cases but, more recently, winning compensation under the new legislation.

Jodi Beard continues “The issues are often complex and each case can be different, however all our initial case reviews are completely free of charge and it is entirely at the customer’s discretion whether to proceed.”

Testimony to the success of the company can be found in their recent free review guide. Discovering whether you are eligible for a claim is simply a matter of calling their freephone number below. Claims can also be made even after timeshare ownership has ceased.

To obtain a free review guide FREEPHONE 0800 046 5852 or visit www.TimeshareCompensation.co.uk.