Your stars week beginning 8th-15th May

Your stars week beginning 8th-15th May

Fantastic vibes on spare time entertainment which promises to give many new and exciting adventures as well as encounters with inspiring people.

Take a closer look at how you connect with wider society and make sure no one is taking your reputation and hard earned credibility for granted or abusing it.

Some obstructions but if you stay relaxed you’ll find most of them become an innocent source of amusement that provide fodder for engaging conversation later.

Team work and networking can help you stay motivated and if your aim is to impress then pull out all the stops in the week ahead when planets support you.

Even bees would envy how busy you are and how easily you buzz around collecting pounds of pollen to turn into golden honey money.

Some disappoitments on the home front but stay positive and use a planetary boost to your personal charisma which attracts positive rays and a little romance.

Take a closer look at family and financial affairs to try and get everyone to pay their way so you don’t end up carrying a burden that should be shared.

Enjoy being in the spotlight a while longer as the drama you scripted unfolds, but a surprising turn around could bring a bigger twist to the plot than you planned for.

You must feel as though you’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, but rise above the trials by using past experience to inform plans for the future.

Times are testing you on an inner level but Venus arrives to bring a little comfort love and calm amidst the inner storm, so create time to be with those who care.

Currently you are being co erced into thinking of new and exciting ways of expressing your independence and creativity and utilising inner talent and resources.

Mercury may be asking you to use your intuition to help deal with a relationship or work issue. Exercise caution before acting rashly.