Your stars of the week 9th – 16th October

Your stars of the week 9th – 16th October

You seem to be operating a lower profile than usual, taking time out with loved ones and organising relaxing ways to spend your time and your savings.

At the moment working with activists or eminent people campaigning for good cause takes up spare time and resources, avoid stress, if not conflict by 13th.

Savings or investments seem to be delivering a roller coaster ride. Keep money mothballed and economise if you want to avoid a debt problem arising by mid month.

You organise well when putting your mind to the details but 13th brings need for asking others to share the chores. Make sure you stay in charge to get the best result.

Avoid using spin and advertising jargon to put your point across, it could mislead others and reprisals will follow. If others don’t trust your truth now, they certainly will later.

Financially things never looked so good but don’t splash the cash too readily for you might find future family issues require higher funding than you are currently aware of.

There are so many unknowns operating that even knowns in your life are difficult to discern. Decisions become either a true, dare, kiss or promise risk, or impossible to make.

Secret deals with power brokers brings conflict for others not aware of the bigger picture.Walk away from bad practise to preserve a sense of integrity and self respect.

You can be forgiven for feeling you put in twice as much for only half the recognition but planets conspire to win trust from powerbrokers, but are they worth your efforts?

Changes in work and other routines cause upsets you never expected, leaving you stressed and unsure what to do next. Try balancing work with rest to recuperate lost positivity.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so don’t resent the extra effort required to get the result you’re looking for and do use a charm offensive to win hearts.

Partners feel neglected while you work harder to ‘carpe diem’ or even seize the day. Is there a way to combine love with work schedules before everything falls apart?