Your stars for the week 9th – 16th May 2014

Your stars for the week 9th – 16th May 2014

Power plays continue to interfere with relationships and you may have to continue warding off a takeover. Retain dignity but fight for what’s yours.

Friendships continue to be a major area of change and challenge causing you to reconsider your approach to others and how you communicate.

Family affairs or business take up a lot of time and energy. Be assured that as one door gets closed many more are about to open.

You could be compelled to either tackle a major domestic change or begin major repairs and makeovers. Consult experts for advice and get loved ones to help.

Career trends conspire to bring you a position of responsibility or a new post that grants authority over others and your sphere of work.

Oh dear! It seems no matter what you say you upset the status quo so avoid giving good advice, just sweetly offer help in case it is needed.

You may face a situation where you impetuously speak your mind with no time to work out the consequences. Practise the power of positive thinking to offset the results.

Avoid being provocative for while you may often be right others experience things differently. You might win the war but how many friends will you be left with after the battle?

Working in tandem with others can bring progress as well as giving others a chance to see just how talented you are. Communication is key to your progress.

So many new friends arrive and bring exciting experiences for you to share and enjoy, This is a time to expand interests and horizons and grow a little wiser.

You normally follow unorthodox beliefs but people who know you well are beginning to be amazed at how far you have travelled from traditional cultural values.

Current trends show you are trying to alter your way of communicating leaving those around you wondering if you swallowed the Thesaurus or just had elocution lessons.

Lunar Lore
Gardeners made use of lunar lore for centuries finding cucumbers, root vegetables, leeks, lilies, horseradish, and other plants increase at Full Moon, but some such as onions decline. Examine plants on 14th, FM in Scorpio.