Your stars for the week 5th – 12th June 2015

Your stars for the week 5th – 12th June 2015

Take another look at relationships long and short term to reassess what youth demanded and maturity now demands you throw away.

Turbulence continues to disturb your plans but at least you now have strategies to deal with those who frustrate your aims and deny your needs.

Your attempts to speed things up may not fetch the desired result but don’t worry, once Mercury goes direct on 11th you’ll soon be racing in the fast lane.

You could be feeling in low health or spirits but stay positive.Important people are now beginning to listen to you so be clear about what you want from them.

Young people may need extra support so keep fine tuning your timetable to balance giving help and basking in the glory of much admiration coming your way.

It’s time to come to terms with what you have lost but also what you have gained as a result. Speedy solutions arrive next week to resolve many difficult situations.

The sun shines on many but you do look beset by some stormy micros that upset plans and relationships. Spring clean heart and soul to help with important decisions.

Finances demand new book-keeping strategies while insurance, pension and other benefit schemes require expert advice for you to trust what will be delivered.

You still feel challenged by new situations that prompt a new way of reacting to life, love and the universe. Happily your ruler Jupiter keeps you positive.

Is it the right time or even appropriate to reveal embarassing if not incriminating information? Only you can tell if you could live with your conscience if you do or don’t

Look again at how you network to find better ways of creating more effective results. It could be you need to be more radical in your expectations.

A storm precedes a calm you can look forward to. Keep a clear head and you’ll find trees blocking your view get blown away to reveal a better way ahead.