Your stars of the week 29th January – 5th February 2016

Your stars of the week 29th January – 5th February 2016

You are breaking new boundaries leaving you feeling stressed with a need to better balance work and play. An accident prone tendency warns you to slow down.

People are prompting you to take on a more active campaigning role and you can be assured of impressing authorities who can help in the week ahead.

You love new ideas to create innovative work results and with ruler Mercury currently dancing with Venus your sweet talking ways easily persuade others of your talents.

Relationships seem positive with co operation easily gained. A confidence boost prepares you to reach out to crabs and rescue a few large beached mammals.

You thrive on producing new themes and schemes to entertain friends and important associates. An authoritative glow impresses and commands admiring glances.

Travel is the best cure for restlessness, satisfying a natural need to escape pressure. Move onto new horizons that may stimulate inner potential for success.

Home is where the heart is and while winter warns of wild weather you can warm those you love with cosy fires and a hearty welcome by the hearth.

You are driving at top speed and woe betide anyone who gets in your way. Networking and teambuilding will bring rewards as well as new contacts with influential people.

Family affairs cause emotional upheaval and perhaps a need to exercise caution over how much duty is essential and leave what is desirable till later.

You seem afflicted with a new charisma that forces you to develop social and communication skills you have preferred to ignore. Stop hiding those talents.

Confidence is on the wane but you flaunt your expertise anyway. Don’t allow others to over rule your choices; you may lose some but others will take their place.

You benefit from standing back and taking an objective overview of where are have come from before deciding which way is right for you to proceed.